Bob Garner is the premier magician motivational speaker

Funny Keynote Motivational Speakers

There are many motivational speakers and many entertainers. Rarely do you find both in one person. That person is Bob Garner.

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When it comes to funny keynote speakers, Bob is one of the best.

As a funny keynote speaker and entertaining motivational speaker, Bob is known for delivering empowering content creatively reinforced with sophisticated, yet fun entertainment.

Additionally, he customizes his presentation to include messaging that you want your group to hear.

It's all about providing the "WOW" factor to your group. And whether that group is customers, employees, executives or sales people, Bob is always right on target.

From kick-offs to wrap-ups to keynotes - and even if you need a funny master of ceremonies for your event - corporate entertainer and funny keynote speaker Bob Garner will help you ignite your event.
It's all about the "WOW" Factor

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If you're looking for a funny keynote speaker who can deliver the "WOW" Factor,  then give Bob Garner a call at 805-534-1576.

Once you see him, you'll never forget him!