Bob Garner is the premier magician motivational speaker

From kick-offs to wrap-ups and everything in between, corporate entertainer and funny meeting speaker Bob Garner will "WOW" your group.

Corporations worldwide utilize Bob's skills as an entertaining motivational speaker and corporate entertainer to enhance the fun and interaction at meetings and events.

Customizing his presentation to include your specific messaging, Bob creates a program that features your information creatively reinforced with astonishing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, clean humor, and audience participation.

You decide how much entertainment and how much messaging you want. Additionally, Bob can provide a program from 30 minutes to 90 minutes based on your agenda.

Bob has also been called on as a professional master of ceremonies to add some "zip" to awards banquet, as well as to host the Q & A section of a program, introduce speakers and segue into videos.

It's due to Bob extensive repertoire, his flexibility and professionalism that he is able to assist your planners in so many ways. And to think, you can contact him directly as opposed to having to work through an agent. Now that's service!

Bottom line: As you will see from the corporate event entertainment ideas below, there are a number of ways to utilize Bob's talents to make your next meeting or event stand out in your guest's minds.

If you want to provide the "WOW" factor to your group, then go to Bob's official funny speaker meeting site at, right now!

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Here are just a few ways to use funny speaker and corporate entertainer Garner at your next meeting or event!

Kick-Off Your Meeting:

Entertaining motivational speaker Bob Garner can provide you with an audience-interactive presentation that creatively combines a series of surprises with information that you want those attending your meeting to hear. Bob can help you IGNITE your meeting!

Mid-day Re-energizer:

After lunch or half way through a meeting, a little "mental break" is always a great idea. As a corporate mentalist and corporate magician, Bob will help you recharge your guests with amazing entertainment and plenty of laughs.

Wrap It Up:

As in the kick-off, your meeting's main objectives are restated and creatively blended with magic, mind reading and psychic experiments, as well as clean humor and polite audience participation. Your audience will walk away from your meeting with smiles on their faces and a hearty "thank you" to you!

Employee Appreciation Event Entertainment Ideas:

Employee appreciation event entertainment goes beyond the usual food and fun. It can add the element of a special "Thank You" to your event. That is, if you get the right employee appreciation event entertainer. The right choice is Bob Garner. From the front-lines to the executive suite, Bob Garner customizes his presentation to your needs and delivers fun and excitement and aids you in creating a wonderful employee recognition event experience for all.

Customer Appreciation Event Entertainment Ideas:

Thank your customers with the sophisticated, yet fun customer appreciation event entertainment that they will enjoy. Combining his skills as a funny motivational speaker with his talents as a one of the leading corporate entertainers in the industry, Bob will help you hit a "home run" with your group.

Professional Master of Ceremonies:

If you need a funny master of ceremonies or a corporate emcee to keep the energy high and your awards program or meeting moving, then Bob is the perfect choice. Professional funny master of ceremonies Bob will introduce your speakers, emcee your awards banquet, and more. As one of the top corporate meeting magicians and corporate mentalists, Bob knows "how" and "when" to add just the right amount of "zip" and "wow" to your event, as well as plenty of humor and fun.

After Dinner Entertainment/After Dinner Speaker:
After dinner entertainment is another way to use Bob's skills and talents. Whether you're looking for an after dinner speaker or an after dinner entertainer, you want someone your group will enjoy. For large formal gatherings to casual poolside or casino night entertainment, Bob will assist you in providing an event that your guests will talk about AFTER they go back to their office.

Corporate Event Entertainment: That encompasses a number of services that Bob can provide. But as you can see from the list above, corporate entertainer Bob Garner specializes in corporate event entertainment. He is not a "one trick pony" or an entertainer that comes to you with a fixed program. He works with you directly and makes sure that he helps you make your meeting or event unique, exciting, and memorable.

To find out more, call us at 805-534-1576 or go to Bob's official funny motivational speakers meeting site at